Why « iDphi » (int. Dubois philately) ?

« The Web is Doomed ! ». This is the observation made today : the average weight of a web page is the same size as Doom, the famous video game from id Software, released in 1993, that is to say 2.39 Megabytes (2 390 Kilobytes). The page you are reading weighs... less than 20 KB, that is to say 120 times less.

It is very easy to write web pages that analyze the material you use to browse the web. It is very easy to follow     and guide the visitor's choices of a website.     
iDphi has chosen not to spy on your navigation.     
We have therefore implemented this website for visitors equipped either with a P.C., a tablet or a smartphone.

« iDphi » for five main reasons :
  1. The smartphone is the only electronic device that his owner brings wherever he goes. So, « iDphi » comes with you anywhere over the world where there is a mobile phone network.
  2. Files lightness. A complete 500 items catalogue fits in less than 10 Megabytes while a «  present-day » website would need more than 1 Gigabyte. A broadband network connection is no more essential and you will not even notice surfing  « iDphi » in your phone bill.
  3. Surf and browse confort : you browse the website as you flick the pages of a book.
  4. Speed : 50 to 120 times faster than the speed of a « present-day » website. The time displays are measured in hundredths (or thousandths) of seconds against tens of seconds on a « present-day » website.
  5. No need to install a new app on your smartphone or your tablet, no login and password to sign in, no annoying ads, no cookie : quick and easy for a collector who seeks efficiency rather than commercial show.

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